We are a long-standing (40 years) retailer of mobile phone accessories and equipment, knowledge and experience, servicing Melbourne.

Joe Stolarek has a long history of retailing technology and innovative products at the QVM, trading over 30 years, has always been helpful and cooperative with retail  and repair solutions .


He was awarded a Silver Lord Mayor’s Commendation in the 2014 ceremony  which took place on the 1st October at the City of Melbourne Town Hall.

He opened the first mobile phone and quality accessories stall at the market over 20 years ago.

Joe Stolarek
Our Products

The range of product sold includes  SIM cards, phone credit, mobile phones, tablets, batteries, bluetooth chargers, phone holders, digital media, selfie sticks.

Also sold is a  continuously evolving range of  electrical, batteries of all descriptions, audio and computer cables, travel plugs and accessories .

Our  reliable on-site  technician uses quality phone components and  our helpful shop assistants can assist with technical issues and sales.

We can replace screens and batteries on most popular branded phones, tablets and lap-tops, in most cases within a one-hour turn around.